Get more hours a day!

Hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and delegate your mundane and time consuming tasks, so you can focus on what's more important.
This approach will streamline your business and help you work on growing it further.

Our Virtual Assistants Serve:

"Reliability, hard work, dedication and wit is what one could ask for when looking for a virtual assistant. We found all these traits and more with the team at HourglassWay. Personally, I am impressed with their dedication to the tasks and their ability to complete them in a timely manner. As an added benefit the team is lighthearted and fun to work with, this way work happens smoothly and doesn’t weigh you down. Keep up the great work guys, wishing you much success."
Owner, Miriams Earthen Cookware

Be productive by NOT doing everything

No more overwhelming list of tasks that can cause missed deadlines. No need to exhaust yourself too much to focus on your clients. Your dedicated Virtual Assistant can help you get back those precious hours.

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High Speed

Speed up your business growth

With no stress and anxiety bogging you down, you can focus on your team to optimize their performance. You no longer need to pay huge salaries just for carrying out those repetitive tasks. Use your team’s skills to actually grow your business.

Get the help you badly need

With a dedicated Virtual Assistant on your side, you finally have someone who is trained to carry out your most important tasks and more. With years of administrative experience, we are experts in making things easy for you right from day 1. While your Virtual Assistant can handle just about any task, we make all the resources available to help carry out any special or rare task you may throw at your assistant.

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What We Can Do

The services we can potentially provide are amazingly diverse and we don’t like to put up a cut-and-dry list of tasks that we offer to do. Although we are ready to take up the challenge of any kind of task you want to throw at us, here is a list of services that our clients commonly ask for:

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Administrative Support

Routine Administration Tasks: Book-keeping, Calendar Management, Email Management, Scheduling Meetings, Making & Confirming Appointments, Buying Equipment & Supplies, Creating Presentations, Virtual Meetings etc.

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Web Support

Regularly check your Website for Errors & Issues, Perform necessary Updates, Moderate Comments & Messages, Check & Resolve Broken Links, Analyze & Improve Site Speed, Check Content for Improvements, Add/Modify Products & Prices for eCommerce Websites, Implement Sales & Offers etc.

Computer support specialists analyzing network problem

Technical Support

Provide Hardware & Software Solutions, Troubleshoot Issues related to Computers, Printers, Networks, Audio, Video etc., Order Replacement Parts, Install & Configure Hardware & Software, Identify and Resolve Technical Problems etc.

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Personal Assistance

Acts as the First Point of Contact for you, Books and Arranges your Travel, Reminds of Important Tasks & Deadlines, Prepares & Compiles Reports & Correspondence, Liaises with Staff & Clients, and other Miscellaneous Tasks.

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Social Media

Manage Social Media Pages/Handles, Post Content Regularly, Respond to Comments & Messages (DMs), Engage with Followers, Connect with Influencers, Discover Latest Trends & Plan Future Campaigns Accordingly, Manage Ad Campaigns etc.

Working in an office

Office Management

Organize Meetings, Manage Databases, Handle Correspondence, Attending Meetings, Updating Records, Coordinate with Various Teams & Departments, Check Inventory, Place Orders, Manage on-time Payments etc.

No empty promises – Top notch service

Real time status updates

Your Virtual Assistant will keep you up to date on the progress of the tasks assigned per your preference. Need hourly updates or end of the day summary of the work done? You got it!

Well educated & knowledgeable

All our Virtual Assistants have college education and years of administrative experience. They are regularly trained on new tools and tasks to make it easier to take up various responsibilities. And the best part – they can research and gather relevant information when needed.

Little to no supervision

Once you explain the list of tasks you want your Virtual Assistant to take care of, you are all set. Unless there is a new task specific to your requirement, you won't need to be available to handle queries of your assistant.

Amazingly productive

Your Virtual Assistant is very efficient in handling basic tools and techniques. You won't have to waste a single minute explaining the basics of working on a portal. Most tasks can be carried out by giving single line instructions.

One dedicated assistant with a team's support

You won't have to deal with a bunch of people or worry about who is taking care of your tasks. You get one dedicated assistant who is your only point of contact for exchanging all kinds of information. Your assistant can always take the help of other assistants on the floor without bothering you.

No upfront payment

Besides offering the most competitive pricing in the market, we DO NOT charge a sign up fee or upfront payment to hire a Virtual Assistant. You pay at the end of every month for the services rendered to you. And also, there are no transaction fees, currency conversion fees or any other hidden charges.

Make your life easier and more productive

It has never been this simple to get the right assistance with just a click!

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