Virtual Assistants

Outsource your work to our Virtual Assistants to get immediate productivity and operational results at a very low cost. You pay for the services you receive rather than paying a wage and overhead even when no services are being performed.

Web Services

Want us to take care of your business website? We are up for it! From managing content to designing a brand new website, we can take care of it all!

We specialize in managing social media pages and optimizing your website content. And no, we don't make spelling mistakes!

Customized Projects

One-time tasks or projects that do need regular attention - yes we do these too! From creating a presentation to tasks that appear on occasion, you can count on us.

A one-time discussion is enough for us to understand what needs to be done and you can immediately tick it off your To-Do list!

What We Do

We want to make sure that while using our services, you don't have to waste a single moment worrying about things that are not so important. We are really good at managing your everyday tasks, calendar, emails, phone calls and other administrative work. There is a wide range of services we provide to our clients at a very reasonable price.


We can research for things that you need at work or in everyday life, like:
  • A facility that you need in a particular area
  • Price quotes from vendors for a project
  • Right talent to do a particular job
  • Prospects based on target customers
  • Market and industry research


We can help you manage all kinds of incoming and outgoing payments, like:
  • Make purchases on your behalf after research for the right product at the right price
  • Make payments to the contractors after they complete their respective jobs
  • Find solutions within your company budget
  • Create and send invoices on your behalf
  • Keep track of the due dates for various payments
  • Maintain a record of all your payment receipts
  • Manage your expenses while keeping your budget in mind

Online Services

We can maintain a good online presence for your company by doing things like:
  • Create and update content for your website
  • Take care of search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising
  • Manage social media posts like on Facebook and Twitter
  • Proofread, schedule and publish your blog drafts
  • Manage comments and post responses on your behalf
  • Monitor your social media pages' engagement with the followers
  • Track your social media campaigns

Email Management

We boast of providing the best email management services to our clients. We can:
  • Organize your emails to keep you on top of important conversations
  • Respond to emails on your behalf
  • Alert you on emails that actually require your attention
  • Create attractive templates for responding to general inquiries from your customers
  • Organize your email contacts as per their profiles
  • Handle your preferred bulk email service

Calendar Management

We can help you manage your day by scheduling your most important tasks so that you never feel overwhelmed with everyday appointments. We provide the following services to make your day:
  • Schedule all kinds of personal appointments like with your doctor or dentist
  • Schedule meetings with your clients or employees
  • Keep your calendar clear in case of an emergency and inform everybody concerned about the change
  • Inform you about the important events of the coming day so that you can make necessary preparations just in time
  • Keep important dates highlighted like birthdays and anniversaries so that you never miss what's close to your heart
  • Set-up daily agenda to utilize your time in the best possible manner

Personal Tasks

We are also good at managing your everyday personal tasks which include but are not limited to:
  • Schedule your personal appointments
  • Plan your personal events like parties and vacations
  • Handling phone calls on your behalf so that you can focus on what's more important
  • Maintain a to-do list of all the important tasks that you need to take care of
  • Send wishes and gifts on your behalf to your loved ones

Expertise in the US Real Estate

We started with it and we are still the best at it!
Our Virtual Administrative Assistants have been assisting realtors of MARINH, and FL for the last five years with all sorts of sales and purchases (Traditional, REO and Short sale). We can help in keeping you up to date by doing regular follow-ups, drafting extensions and getting them signed by the parties, connecting the parties and making sure there are no delays and also by ordering the closing items on time (Smoke Certs, Final Water, 6D etc.).
Apart from keeping the record of your sales, we will also keep you sorted by managing your appointments, doing BPOs and inspections and other miscellaneous tasks on different REO websites. We also have extensive experience of working in MLSPINState-wide MLSInnovia, and FlexMLS. There are many different websites we have worked with. We have listed a few for you below:
  • Equator
  • Pyramid Platform
  • Disposolutions
  • Iagent
  • Cityside Corp.
  • Goodmandean
  • Valuation Vision
  • Solutionstar
  • Clear Capital
  • Assetval
  • Pemco
 For marketing, we have used the websites like:
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Craigslist
  • Classifieds
  • Agentmarketing
  • Rentlinx
  • Rentdigs
  • Listingbooster
  • Listingstoleads
  • MailChimp
  • GoDaddy Email Marketing
We are also familiar with commonly used CRMs like Riogenesis and Taza RE.